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It seems that my newfound happy mode is still working.
Not only that, but it is growing.

Earlier I would fluctuate up and down like a bi-polar sufferer,
I would go into a confident mode only to crash into negativity later.

Now that I have gotten over this block I had all the
teachings og RSD and all the other methods I've studied
suddenly are available at my fingertips without having to
fear self-sabotage and other weird reactions.

It is a very different feeling in my body now.
This stability of mood...

I have no idea if anyone else can relate to this...
But that is your problem. :-p

Anyway today I went to a place I spent big portions of my childhood
and got all these memories of a kid who had no fucking clue
about anything.

It was fun to walk around and reframe every negative memory that came up. In the end I felt much more confident and positive since the past had no hold over me anymore.

I'm glad Alex told me that if I had emotional issues I should deal with
them first as they do really hold you back. :)

Now I'm tired with a headache, from being in the sun too much.
So I'm signing off for some rest.
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