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So I've been on here infrequent.
Lately my life has taken a turn for the better in this area.

There are many reasons one of the most important is an NLP visualization technique that I
learned from a video of Richard Baldner last month.

It is basicaly eliminating old negative memories.

An example:
A friend of me who texted me to join him at a club this friday.
Old failure imagery from the place in question washed over me and I told him I wasn't sure
if I would go. Then I did the excercice and all the negative associations was gone.
I told him I would join him after all. =D

I've also gotten hold of Anthony Robbins Personal power series on my phone and I'm getting
major boost from that to take care of buisness.

The situation described in my last post didn't pan out, but I learned a lot from it by basically running as
far as I could with it and being frank with myself and others. Not trying to be a nice little chode that would be strung along forever because of attraction to some girl.

I was clear on what I wanted and managed to find out with minimal hassles what the deal was.
A first for me acctually. I usually end up in limbo tearing myself up over not getting the info or taking decicive action.

Not this time...
Not working out?

Now I look forward to going out on Friday and the fact that it took me 20 seconds to deassociate tons
of negative experiences. NLP ROCKS!!!  ^_^
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