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Sometimes you have to take stock of how invested you have become in some girl and ask how come...

What has she done to deserve this massive attention of your mental energy.
Often she has done nothing other than having a nice body.

Today I started treating a girl that I've slowly have become more needy toward as she logically deserves
to be treated in light of what she have done to get my attention, besides shaking her ass.

And that is almost ZERO!
She have some small redeaming things that makes it appropriate to achnowledge her presence etc...
But that is about it.

She immediately started acting different towards me, wanting to know stuff, asking questions.

My attitude was that I really didn't feel that I had anything I wanted to say or do with this person
at this moment. I was just indifferent.

It was a very good attitude since it brings up no negative feelings, is not permanent, but flexible to
whatever happens, makes you very non needy while keeping yourself balanced.

That is my take on it anyway.
I have gotten myself into unfamilliar territory lately and I'm trying to get my bearings without making it
totally obvious that I'm not familiar with what is happening.

My life is taking a turn for the better slowly, but surely.
There is no turning back now that I have gotten a taste for the good life.
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