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I've been trying to get up to speed on poker as fast as possible.
I've been importing concepts from both RSD and martial arts.

I remembered a shaolin qoute that brings out the essence of mastery of anything.

I fear not the 10 000 kicks you have practiced 1 time.
But the one kick you have practiced 10 000 times.

Cause that is what you have to do, take one thing and drill it.
Then another thing and drill that and eventually you will be a master
or at least an expert.

So what do I want to work on in this extensive area that is pick-up?
Where to start drilling?
I think I will continue down the path of ruthless honesty.
Cause that was part of the reason that I had to break up the relationship
and that she didn't want to end it. I always said what I thought.
Sometimes I found it difficult, but I communicated my honest apraisal of whatever was going on.
No matter how bad I knew she would react.
Learned that from David X's video.
It is something about the guy who don't fear to tell the truth no matter others reactions.
Now since I'm already on that path it makes sense to continue.
Cause I don' say half of what I could have said to women I want.
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