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So a couple of weeks ago I ran into this Romanian girl. We hit it off quite okay, but for different reasons I didn't get to chat with her too much. Now this girl is hot... so hot that she makes me insecure. I'm going to go to an event I know she will be at tonight. And I figured that I would do a version of the you scare me strategy. Since it worked so well on the vibe between me and the german girl. Been reading a book that the German girl recommended to me. "The Etichal slut" quite a good read I must say. Helps a lot in getting over your insecurites about all thigns sexual. I think I will use it as a subject of discussion with women from now on. I'm reading this book about being polyamourous, what do you think about that? Blablabla... can't hurt to talk about the subject of sex and relationships. It gets them in the right frame of mind. =D Anyway I'm really looking forward to meeting her again. I'll attach a photo from a social site that we both are on and where I first found her.
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