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Had a long sms exchange with the girl from the train and are going
to meet her today.
I've been harping on about Jung and me knowing my MBTI type ISFP.
One of the reasons that I like knowing my type, is that it fixes several
holes in my game.

For example:
SMS game. I used to go chode on a girl over SMS before.
Now that I do stereotypical ISFP responses by text I don't have to
go there and I stay very congruent.

Playful interactions. I intersect pysical playful stuff and actions
that mess with socially expected behaviour in any environment in
a well calibrated way.
Self amusement. I always know where the
socially appropriate line lies and find it immensely amusing crossing
that boundary in a playful way over the top way.

It is also easy to escalate when I break the static boudaries they believe
inhibits my behaviour, since they have no defences where they believe no attack can come from.

And I realized that when Tyler speaks of honest signals this is what
he is talking about. Me doing something that communicate that
I'm comming from a place of strenght. I know I can do it.
Many other people would not be able to act like me congruently in
the way I do. Just as I wouldn't be able to do what Tyler do
congruently. I have no psychic strenght in that area.
So now what I need to do is polish that strenght.
If I do that I get better interactions with girls and more success
while I'm having fun!
What a concept! XD
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