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When I go down the street now, I've discovered this thing I call heaven mode.

I imagine that this is heaven and only good things can happen to me.
Then I relax and enjoy my walk.

Women notice!!! They go gaga...
One even FOLLOWED ME INTO A STORE just because I looked at her body!!
(It was obvious that she went out of her way to follow me btw!)

I can only do it for so long before my brain melts and I need to gather myself from all the crazy IOIs
women throw at me walking past me.

This is a new reality that I'm unsure if I can handle.
My subconcious is revolting...
I myself are dumbfounded...
I'm not able to follow trough on any of this since I have a hard time accepting it to be real.
It is a complete anti-thesis of what I belived the world to be up to now.

Be careful what you wish for you just might get it... XD
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