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I have turned back to my martial arts today.

I have realized that my physical health was not all that great
anymore and are taking steps to correct that.

Tai-Chi is the name of the game.
All the self development stuff seems to have
made a positive impact on my level of understanding of my practice.

In Tai-Chi you learn to take control of your emotionall and hormon system
so that in the heat of battle you can avoid silly things like tunnel vision and
degrading to gross motor movement.

All the dealing with anger lately seems to have had an impact on my level of
emotional control and I have made great progress without training all that much.

There is of course LOTS to learn in both fields, but ever since I heard the piece
about Tyler linking his teories of pickup with teories of Taoism in the blueprint
I've seen lots of progress in both areas. Cause I see how they relate.

My biggest problem now is that I'm really uncomfortable with leading/touching women.
From bootcamp I distinctly remember being pushed into and forced to stay and "escalate" with a
girl by Victor. I was WAY outside my comfort zone.

So far outside that I dismissed it as not relevant. I didn't want to deal with it.

I've been thinking about it alot lately and has come to the conclution that this is the number
one thing that I need to work on.
Approaching is important too of course, cause if I don't approach much I won't have anyone practice on.
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