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So I've gotten a girlfriend as of 19th of febuary.
All the past baggage and insecurities I had about this area of my life has gone out the window.

From this point of view it looks kinda weird to even having to go trough this journey to get here.
My girlfriend is an old freind of mine of 5 years that I didn't have the ability to get with since
I had so many mental issues.

I remember several botched attempts to get with her, but always in me freaking out.

The solution was a combined approach from a Jungian and Freudian frame,
and keeping the lessons of RSD fresh in mind.

So here I'm now with a girlfreind who loves sex and even want to play games and
watch good movies with me. We have much in common and where we do diverge
it is just enough to keep that tension strong, but not to make our life a never ending struggle of dominance
that I see so many people describe.

So right now I'm pretty happy! =D
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The Dave


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Thats great that you're happy man but remember that you should probably continue to seek to improve yourself.  I could be wrong, but it sounds like your happiness is dependent on her, and it shouldn't be.  You should be happy and secure without anyone else in your life.  Remember, happiness shouldn't come from the external things around you.
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Great stuff dude bague. Sounds exciting. I feel like I am in a similar situation with the insecurities, but Dave is right. Your happiness should not be dependent off of her. Keep seeking to improve..
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