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So I've been taking Tylers advice and have watched several hours of mister Tolle.

It is really good and given me several new experiences that I lacked.
However, I'm already a Taoist.

I'm doing Tai-Chi I'm already "calm" and stuff.
I'm becomming too yin so to speak.

So I just went back into the articles and started listening to old videoes of Jeffy.
He isn't yin at all. Pure yang. Or beastmode as he calls it.
It helps me a lot.
Now I'm more ready to take action. And the subtle Tolleish advices actually works better
when they can support the yang of the Jeffyish method.

Yeah something like that.
Anyway I've had a lot on my plate lately.
I've gotten myself to take action on many fronts where I've hesitated for decages.
Some failiures, some successes, lots of learnings.
I'm building momentum in my life now and it feels good.

However other people are constantly challenging me on the direction I'm headed and
the direction I'm headed in. Like they try to mess up my progress by suggesting/insisting
that I do things in another order than what I'm doing it.
I tell them calmly that my priorities are set in this and this order, and they get all defensive.
Like they have been caught red handed trying to tell me what to focus on in my life.

Okay back to work! :)
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