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I feel that I'm moving in the right direction mentally now.
Quitting porn has made the females around me more interesting.
I'm noticing several subtle changes in my behaviour.
It seems that others are noticing them as well.

Have read a lot more Tony Robbins and refreshed all the things that helped me so much when
I used them 5 years ago. I now get them on a whole other level and I'm using them to make
sweeping changes to many areas of my life.

Another thing I've sacrificed is watching starcraft casts.
I'm not addicted to them so I just had a symbolic moment where I deleted the bookmark of my
favorite commentator.

I then sat down and completed watching the last 3 episodes of a war series called Sharpe.
I considered sacking it too, but since I only had 3 left I decided to watch them as a reward for
dropping the starcraft casts.

So now I have 3 less distractions comming from my computer.
No porn, no starcraft casts and no pending series to watch.

Only thing that I still do is watch the new episode of Naruto each week.
It is only 20 min not much time when you think about all the time I've spent on other stuff.

I had a funny thing happen to me yesterday!
Found 200 crowns lying in a dich in the pouring rain while walking home.
That is like $40 US I think.
Lucky me! =D

Anyway as soon as I've gotten my habits under control I will be able to dedicate much more energy
towards ares such as this.

I still have a long way to go, but I feel that I have a real shot of getting where I want to go.
Where do I want?
I want into a future where I don't feel like I'm a second rate citizen.
Where I can have sexual relationship with attractive females without feeling like I've doing something bad.
Where I feel free of the mental shackles imposed on me by seventh day adventism.
A world where I decide what is good for me not everybody else.

I feel better already!
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