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So I've met this girl again yesterday.
The touching is getting kinda heavy, but she don't seem to wan't to be kissed in public.
Oh well, not that it matters much.

I'm learning tons of stuff and can really see how all the RSD teachings ties together when
you sprinkle it here and there.

She clearly digs me and has this longing look on her face when I leave.

So I was thinking, where is this going.
said that women will make relationship noises soon enough if that is what she wants
and that as a man you shouldn't really care too much about that stuff.
So that is where I'm at right now.

So what do I think of her?
Well despite being 20 she looks younger. A big plus in my book.
Her body curves in interesting ways that I like to explore further.
Her ass is nice, fine and soft and she has a pretty face.
She doesn't have big boobs, but I've never been into the large melon fetishes.
I'm an ass, hip and face guy. (in that order)
She is very playful and I can imagine having lots of fun with her.

I was concidering uploading photos, but nah the photos are for my enjoyment. :)
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