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I have two new girl flatmates that just moved in...

It is both hell and paradise.

Anyway I'm starting to get a one-itis one one of them.
It all started when she decided to walk from the shower to her room with a bare ass and a t-shirt
yesterday morning. Right in front of me.
Since then I've been thinking about her and her FINE ass WAY too much.

I'm thinking that if I make a move it has to be serious since we live together.
So I'm not sure that is a good idea.

Anyway I'm doing my buissnes as usual not making a big deal out of it and just working on my
body language around them.
Trying to get the bonus of having hot girls to feel the tensions and negative patterns that come forward
when I'm around them and eliminate them.

BTW: My life is taking off in a big way and this is just venting to keep me from doing unhelpful chode stuff.
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