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So I went on a day game walk.

It sucked in the sense that it had difficulty approaching the way I did earlier.
So I made it all about references in the area.

How can I utilize the environment to my advantage?
What options do I really have?
Where can I "be alone to reboot" if I need it? (So I don't bail out to go home)
What is easy to do for me and what is not?
What are my external pattern? (What do I end up doing in the real world)
What are my internal pattern? (What do I end up thinking about, visualizing etc)

Now I know that this isn't optimal.
But hey!
Yesterday was all about getting started again...
I walked out that door!
I challenged my comfort zone in new ways.
I learned stuff about myself, others and my environment.

I could have stayed at home reading or watching some cartoon...
That would have been the easy way out.

This is day 2.
I will take my learnings and apply them.
Lets see what happens.

But first breakfast! :-)
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