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I have come out on to mentally in this transition period that I've gone trough lately.

For the first time I don't feel inferior just because there is ambiguity in a relationship or because
I could have done something better.

I know that my choices determine my actions and sometimes things will become different
than what I imagined it to be. That doesn't mean that I did anything wrong however.
I get that now. Not being able to do something because of unforseen factors does not reflect badly on me.

Earlier I would freak out if I had a vision for a relationship and something unexpected happened.
More often than not something unexpected happened and I went into superchode recovery mode.

Now I just note that something new is going on and adapt to the new reality as soon as I've overridden the
habit of freaking out.

Another thing that is new is that I'm getting so much positive feedback from women that I'm attratctive that
I've started to belive it.

This is a new reality for me that need time to solidify, but I will not let it slipp. It is too good for that!!!
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