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Just remembered that this thing still existed.
I've been busy finding my own way in life.

The details I don't care to give since I know that half the people frequenting this place
are psychologically incapable of getting what it means in the first place.
In other words they are a bunch of judgmental asses bent on pushing others down.

Now that may get them laid, but it also ensures that I don't want them hanging around my block.

So what have I done lately.
Well I've delved into Jung quite a lot, from the perspective of Tyler of finding your own
strengths and leveraging them. And after a good while of painful "soulsearching" I've found
what I'm good at and how it relates to this "game" or whatever you wanna call it.

I won't go into the details on my particular issues and stuff as I know there are so many asses out there.

Still what I've found from picking myself apart with Jungian cognitive functions is what area of the
social world I fit into and if I keep making value in stuff that is easy for me girls that are naturally
my fit will naturally dig me. Now I would never have made the connections I did from Jung if I hadn't
had the RSD perspective. Cause I've interacted with dozens of people on the web now who uses
Jung to rationalize why they need to cling to their chode identity.

I've gone the other way around and identified how the chode identity is a bunch of beliefs that
make a person act like a regardless of cognitive perspective. Still i also found that a lot
of people projected really negative stereotypes onto me because they had it in their model of the world
that a person with a certain psychological makeup needed to adhear to certain stereotypical behaviours.

What I've gained from all of this is the understanding that any field gives you insights that are hidden from
other fields, but there comes a certain bullshit stereotype baggage with the field that the ones who
adhear to a certain "hive" minded perspective protects and upholds.

I find it funny when Jeffy and Tyler ++ repeatedly tries to adress these imature people with these
emulation mindsets, jumping on the next "cool" whatever thing cause everyone else does it.
Not seeing that it takes hard painful work and skills to get good not, mindlessly following the next bandwagon.
From a Jungian perspective you might even say that they have no choice.

So where do I stand in this?
Well I had a paranoid breakdown, with some heavy codependency issues, major distrust to people around me,
flagrant lack of motivation to do even basic things and a severe retreat from the world to my own little cave.

And then I went to RSD....
Now how did that go?
Well truth be told, I messed my life up big time as I was nor ready to deal with the psychological issues
that confronted me.
So what is the point?
Well my bout with RSD made me realize that yes their stuff was working, but that my psychological well
being was in jeopardy. I got myself into life and death situations, and became a ranting raving crazed
wild person looking for a fight.
Now luckily for me I had some very basic knowledge of Jung and could see how what I was going trough
was in many ways a reaction to suppressed psychological perspectives being showed in my face basically.
In addition to having my shame, anger and fear on display for myself and the world to see.

Alex told me on bootcamp that they couldn't fix psychological issues and if we had them we should seek
help elsewhere. So I went to Jung and read several books related to the subject, and compared notes
with what RSD instructors said here.

I feel I have a working model that accounts for Jung/Freud and the principles that are forwarded by RSD now.
It was hard work and very draining, but the self-knowledge is totally worth it.

Now I fully expect some loser keyboard jockey to comment this and be jugmental
and forward some inane shit like "you need to go out more".
Like every problem has a fucking boxed and ready solution.

Now ask yourself then, why are there such a diversity of RSD instructors then with wildly different styles?
Because life isn't a fucking standardized package. I see that the instructors realize this and manage to
give quality advice ragardless of issues, but all to often I feel that when I post here some random duce,
will give their two cents on what my problems are, pluss some generic solution they got from some
RSD instructor vid and that fitted their situation. Like if "go out more" resonates with you, great!
Still often the ones who do the drive by comments are people that rather than deal with the issue themself
they project it onto others, as it is so much easier to tell others that they are messed up than deal with their
own messed up behavior.

So why am I writing this long convoluted post anyway?
Well I learned from Jung that I think the best when I put my words in writing.
Before that they are just a bunch of disconnected stuff that I have a hard time dealing with.
And I really like to get my understanding of RSD vs Jung down well because I want to be able to
take this to the next level and actually use my newfound stability and control in my life to my advantage
in this area too. (the women area)

Now I dunno where I'm going with this in the end and I don't care.
I'm just trying to get by in this world, to find a way that works for me.
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