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I have had some days now that I've taken a break from my ordinary push myself regimen.

Only because I felt the negative attitude of people around me in relation to them
being insecure about me acheiving stuff


I'm going to grow even larger and if they choose to compare themself to me
what do I care???

I am not responsible for their feelings of inadeqacy!!!

I will move my life in the direction I choose no matter what!
Even though others might feel small in comparison.

And how do they get to know how good I am???

THEY FUCKING ASK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not like I'm trying to be an ass about my journey to success.
They ask and I answer. I don't fancy lying, but I might tell them that it's none of their
buissnes more often.

Hmm that is hard stuff to do for me. Denying information. Cause I like to share it.
And if someone asks something I have a tendency to answer without thinking.

Need to work on that more!!!
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