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I'm hiding less and less now.
I'm starting to reveal alot of the "deep dark" secets that I have been
carrying around for so long weighing me down.

And I'm so much more free as a result.
Old anger is melting away and  feel more confident in general.
My relations with my family i improving too.

Yesterday was a good day!
I visited some friends of mine and we had a barbeque.
One of my friends that have just gotten a girlfriend was talking
about how good a match I would be with some girl I've never met
and it was clear that he and his girlfriend was thinking about trying
to make us a couple.
So I made a joke about how they where trying to arrange a forced marrige
like in the middle east.

My other friend who has a hot babe wife and was throwing the barbeque told me that a friend of his wife was coming by and that she was single...
Ohoh... I told my friend and his girlfriend that wanted to hook me up, that I might have be unfaithfulto my forced wife to be!
I forgot about it. And suddenly his hot babe totaly my type shows up.
I get introduced and immediatly it is sparks between us.
I played it chill and after a bit of casual flirting told her about me beeing on a "forced" hookup.
She got into it and strongly adviced me to stay away from "blind dates" as she termed it.
I just kept talking for a bit to the couple about the prospect of the hookup while the hot one
overheard and said something to the effect off "Oh it doesn't matter I'm perfectly content with beeing single!" And I saw that she didn't like to hear that and started to try to get my attention the rest of the evening.
Long story short. She starte to make suggestions that we should meet again later so I've made plans to do just that.

Life is good!
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