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Alex said to me on bootcamp!

You got to be able to jive with the girls reality. (or something to that effect)

Tyler said you have to own who you are!

Yesterday I wrote up a very honest profile about how I was a Nerd with a big N,
how I liked psychology and on and on.

Anyway I found this girls profile that had done some weird coloring to her photos!
I wrote something about it hitting me unconciously and that she probably represented
some repressed archtype.
She responded with "Wow what a pickupline!" and that she liked my profile.
That she was into psykology and so on.

She is bisexual too btw I have no idea how that fits into the larger picture and I don't care.
By being myself I can't go wrong.
I just have to be me plus any nifty RSD tricks that I can blame on psychology.
Cause RSD is in a way some sort of applied psychology.
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