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I said in my last post that I only needed to focus on the assertiveness.
That's not entirely true.

Cause I also need to deal with my habits at the same time.

There are many bad habits to deal with and some tie directly into the assertiveness issue.
Cause I have many habits that make me do unassertive things.

So right now I'm practicing to increase my self-efficacy.
I need to belive that I can break my habits.
So I practice on the hardest one of them.


This is something I have done THOUSANDS of times and that I always get rewarded for. :)
So it is pretty ingrained in my neurology.

I have great tools to deal with it now unlike any other time I have tried to keep myself from it.
And every situation that I feel the want to type "teen sex" into google and don't I learn a little something
about my self and my habits.

Now this isn't a I will never jack-off again it's just a case of me using the biggest habit I have,
as leverage and a contrast to all my lesser habits.

Cause my fear of rejection and similar habits have only been activated a few hundred times and
have been reinforced with lesser rewards.

Oh well that's all on that subject.
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