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Been going trough severl bouts with myself lately.
Right now I'm flirting with this girl from Holland.
It is going quite all right and I've crossed several barriers,
though insecurity keeps rearing it's ugly head.
Luckily the ideas of "No reason I'm not enough"
and "there is no control" seem to be taking care of most of it.

Still sometimes I'm frustrated with the way things are going anyway
and I end up going here right now to just went that.
Just so I get a clearer picture of where I stand.
In my own head that is.
Like I kinda just don't feel confident at times.
I do nothing or become static and that makes me insecure or at least narrow.
I'm dealing with those issues though and feel that I'm making lots of headway.
Anyway just my quick rant to get out of my head.
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When you feel static or feel like you're not doing anything, I'd recommend you do something small, like read a paragraph from a book if you don't read a lot for instance, and then incrementally work your way up--like do your dishes, and then just keep incrementally doing things that make you busier and busier--setbacks are expected, but I think it's a good way to start-
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