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So my idea of how often I wanted to go out approaching didn't work in reality,

Failure right?


Just a learning!

Now I understand that I need a more flexible system for getting out.
But I definitely need a system.

The problem was that when I carved it in stone I started to beat my self up every time
I had to reschedule. And in reality you have to reschedule because shit happens.
Sometimes you can't predict what will come up and throw your system of balance.

So I beat my self up more and more until my motivation got undermined and me and my system crashed.
So then I got thinking. I have found out that I need a flexible framework. That can be rescheduled if needed.

Cause my biggest sticking point is getting out there in the first place right now.
Once I'm out there with intent I usually meet the objective I've set.

I also have other sticking points when I'm out, but they are not as severe
as the first get out the door in the first place problem.

It is kinda weird thinking that I even had a set date for writing here.
Oh well you live you learn...
At least this site is keeping me honest, good or bad.
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