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I've realized lately that what I've been doing all this time can be boiled down expanding my sphere of influence.

If I work on my body language, voice tone, approaching, work, familiy, health or any other area in my life
I'm actually expanding my life to be bigger in some way.
People have different influence strategies, some socialize, some make money, some use force and others horde knowledge etc.

It seems to me that people don't like others that have a too different strategi from oneself.
Especially if they get much better results than you could hope to get with your own strategy.

Whatever strategy you use, often what keeps you back is your fear of success.
So you don't expand with the tools available to you, but stay in mediocrity.
Any strategy might succeed given the right environment.
Since you are placed in an environment that is not of your choice you have to adapt your strategy to it.

Today I've expanded quite alot in some areas of my life and that is what prompted this post.
I saw a things from a more global perspective.
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