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Recently I have made several breakthrougs in my life in the social sphere.

One I've gotten to connect with some cool guys that I can relate with and relate with me back.
Thanks to temperament theory it is much easier to see for me if I can relate to a person or not.
Saves me a lot of time and grief trying to interview people to figure out if "we have something in common".

I've also learned to screen girls on their temperament, it makes me non needy toward 80%
of the female population by default since they are not what I'm looking for in terms of relationship material.
So eighter we fuck or it's NEXT when it comes to 80% of them!
I don't care, they are a dime a dozen those droning "sensationseekers".

And it shows! Girls act so much more interested now.
The ones I do want get intrigued by the fact that I'm so picky,
the ones I don't can't figure out why I don't want them and try desperatly to get into my favor.

Another thing that I have worked hard on is my assertiveness.
I found this book called "When I say No I feel guilty."

So some puzzle pieces are in place and things are generally going my way.
Now I need to sit down and schedule some practice time on the things I want to get.
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