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Yesterday was a different day out.

I didn't have all that much energy.
My buddy was like a tornado compared to me.

Jumping, dancing, shouting, bumping into people etc.

I sat there not unhappy, but not feeling great eighter.
Cause the place we where was a high energy venue with loud music
and a lot of hippie people going crazy on various drugs.

I sat there thinking what could get me in a better mood?
And I remembered Alex talking about self amusement.

I looked at the table in front of me for ideas and there was a
"what is happening this summer" newspaper lying there...
HMMM...AHA!!! I'll make airplanes out of paper.

I started folding and throwing them out into the dancefloor
my buddy joined in and we had a good laugh every time we hit someone
or almost hit. They would turn and look weird at the person behind them.

That was fun until my buddy hit a BIG guy that not only disliked being hit, but also
correctly guessed who threw the plane, my buddy.

He came over looking mad as hell, and said "How is it going?" in a mean tone of voice
taking my buddys hand and probably crushing it while looking him straight into his eyes.
And then he left. Safe to say my buddy didn't want to fold anymore planes...

After that we moved to another part of the club that was more quiet and more low energy.
My buddy ran around opening sets but unable to hold them because he was too high energy.

I went in on his tail, after he dramatically opened 2 girls. I came in low key and started
talking. And I held the set successfully. For like 20 minutes. Exchanged contactinfo with both girls (sisters) and then we went on. My buddy hardly said a word cause he wasn't on that energy level. I tried to bring him into the conversation, but he had nothing to say, He was like running off, coming back, trying to say some lame as joke to the girls, leaving again, coming back to tool me, so I put him in a wristlock while I continued talking to the girls. (Only for 5 seconds though)

He can't get over that i can demolish him eventhough he is three times as strong as me so he always tries to sneak attack me when we are out.

I understand energy much better now having seen the difference right in front of me.
Anyway great night out with a lot of stuff happening.
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Hey dude, keep writing, you have a regular reader.

Are you saying that you prefer to have slightly less energy in sets so people feel like you're not trying to sell anything?
About getting into state:

Recently I went out alone to a venue where people are generally from low class society. Guys are not the most friendly, educated and happy ones there. In terms of culture and education, it's like the extreme opposite of the people that are generally around me.

This is a sad truth, most of the intelligent guys here dedicate their youth to achieve great success in terms of their education, and watch porno because of their inability to pick up chicks. And going out to night clubs with loud house music just doesn't fit in their reality.

You realise how what you've achieved has nothing to do with your ability to pick up. You're alone and nobody knows anything about it.

Someone said and this is very true, “every night, every man starts equal”.

It's not always easy to get into state in those situations, especially when guys don't seem to be cool enough. Eventually I got into state by standing in a place where I was heightened, seeing the whole crowd and dancing like it was me who was throwing this whole party.

From there it was a lot easier to gain social status and in a few minutes some girls started to touch me.

The feeling you want to get is like you're dominating everyone, the mindset is that you're cool and have high social status, you are celebrating yourself. By joining you, people gain social status. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Thanks Alexandre.

Well yeah lower energy sets is my thing. I can do higher energy too,
but not when I feel that I have no energy to spare.

I've had a long week with too much happening.

But, I don't need to be mister tornado to approach sets.
Allthough you are correct as far as I see that being mister tornado
having more fun than everybody else is a good way to get noticed and
get attention from alot of women and alot of envy guys.

My point was that if you are going to approach a set it is easiest if you
match their energylevel somewhat. My buddy had the time of his life on the dancefloor,
but at the balcony there was a mismatch with his high energy and their more laidback attitude.

I felt that I got a good demonstration of that principle that night.

I see that you are very into the consept of pumping your state. I don't really do that anymore.
(Alex told me not to think about state on bootcamp)
I focus more on making the best out of the situation I find myself in nomatter my state.
So even though my state was low I still talked and held that set. (I'm assuming you understand that by low I do not mean a negative state it's more about the energy)
That said. The weekend before this I had just as high state as my buddy and we had so much fun on the dancefloor, but this weekend was different.

Dude this is hard to express in writing...

If you have a way that works for you keep it!
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I didn't really answer you question about the trying to sell something.

I havn't tought about that consept before now.
But yes when I do high energy I kinda feel like I'm trying to sell something.
Maybe that is because I'm not used to high energy and
I don't know how to do non needy high energy.

Thanks for the new concept!
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