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Bah this day has been stupid.

Lost my facebook since i participated in a Norwegian political debate on an online newspaper.

Every time i posted via face they asked are you sure you want to trust this site?

And before you know it my facebook was shut down with a DEMAND that I enter my phone number to identify myself. Fuck that shit! Didn't you guys say be careful with your privacy? Well giving my phone number is not my definition of being careful with privacy...

So now my face is gone. Luckily I've predicted this day and have two additional face accounts and a google+.
Still sucks though knowing that it is only a question of time before the demand is fronted to my other facebooks
and in the end on the google+ too probably.

ANYWAY... Just had to vent my frustration...

Now on a plus-note I've hit it of pretty well with a girl in my math-class that is both good looking
and intelligent. I don't know where that will lead, but it sure is nice to have progress in this area.
I'm dealing with the specific problems that have haunted me my whole life and finally seem to be able to handle!!!
The wilingness to not being embarrassed over wanting someone sexually.
That is what it comes down to really.
I've been conditioned to feel shame and worry every time I want a woman in that way.
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