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So I've had new experiences that have kinda moderated the views I expressed in my last post. I still think that RSD is right in the all women is selecting mates without regard for anyones emotions, but I also think that they don't conciously consider that they are trampling anyone. Cause if you think about it it would be kinda depressing if you felt that you had consider what someone else might want you every time you made a choice.
And as a guy you don't really think too hard about the fattie in the corner either.
Even though she was just as attracted to your high status or whatever.
It is easy to get angry when the game of life don't throw the dices in your favor.
You always want to come out on top an when you don't you kinda wish doom
and gloom on everybody. Especially when you feel that everyone else is getting
it and you are not. Like there is some sort of unfair balance.
In reality it was pretty random in a lot of ways.
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