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I have such a huge need for validation and approval.

How would I act differently if I didn't have a need for validation?
How would I act differently if I didn't need womens approval?

I've been playing the game of being serious, structured and predictable all my life.
Cause I belived that others would not approve of me being otherwise.

I acted the way I belived others would approve of me.

Well I'm trough with needing approval for my actions.
I don't care what others think about me anymore.

The thing is that even tough I say all this.
Since I have been so deep in approvalseeking behavior, my change in attitude
will not show up on many peoples radar.

Cause I may be a bit less approval seeking, but I will still have alot of habits kicking in.
Approvalseek habits that I need to turn. And that takes time and effort.

However I'm well on my way to getting there!
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