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Finally today I did day 6 of my challenge.

I have given myself every reason to postpone it.
Done all sorts of stuff that I thought more important.

But today it is over and only day 7 remains.

I't goes very fast once I first start. One approach roughly every 3 minuttes.

So big improvement there.

Oh well once I find some harder challenge after day 7 I will probably hesitate again...
Or maybe not?
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How can you do all the advanced stuff if you don't have the basics down?

This stuff bears so much resemblance to my martial arts training.
First I had to do all the stances, blocks, puches, kicks and throws for years.

Only then was I good enough to defend myself when two guys jumped me
on a bus station late at night.

When I was training all these guys would give me crap about
"What if I do this?"
"What do you do when this happen?"

They think that since I'm training hard I need to justify it by beeing already good.
But why would I train so hard on the basics if I already could pull of the advanced stuff?
The advanced stuff always is a bunch of basic stuff put together simulanously.

If you follow my blog you will get to know when I'm getting to the more advanced stuff.
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