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One more day with daygame over.

I skipped yesterday since I had so many things I needed to handle.
When you only do daygame and watch cartoons tasks pile up.

I reward myself with cartoons right now.
I got tired of starcraft...
So no I watch the anime Naruto!
Yeah I'm a geek deal with it...

Anyways those 20 girls only took like 3 hours...
Thas one approach every 9 minuttes on average!!!

Massive improvement!!!
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wow, you're rocking alot of approaches man, congrats.

Any insights on the actual interactions? How's it all going?
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Lets just say that I've noticed alot of tendencies about myself that need improvment.

After the interaction for example I'm like driven to almost "run away" until I'm out of sight
cause I feel guilty almost.
I'm also talking too low and feeble.
It is also clear to me what situations I fear and witch I'm comfortable with.

So I try to find ones that are a bit outside my comfortzone, but not so far that I
get paralyzed.
And when I do get paralyzed I break the situation down to elements and work on finding
situations who have each of the elements seperately.
Like if the environment freak me out I try to work on situations that I am real comfortable with
in that environment until I'm comfortable there.
If the type of girl scares me I go to an environment that I feel at home in.
If the thing I'm planning to say feels really weird I try to find an environment with
girls I feel comfortable approaching until the line doesn't feel so weird.

It's all about taking gentle steps in the right direction.

Insights are that unless you approach imediately it will most likely not work.
And she will be gone forever. There are exceptions, but they are few and far between.

Other than that I must say that all the interactions so far has gone over good.
Like no one got mad or started a fuzz over what I was doing.
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I first used Alex ask a question and change topic approach.
I felt it was a bit too much and I really coudn't do it all that much.

So I toned it down to "Is your name X". (Anna, Sarah, whatever)
They almost never have the name you ask, but you made an approach!

If they have the name you asked for you just ask if they went to your high-school or someting.
I got the tip of some pickup-cd i listened to once, but at the time I didn't have
the dedication that Rsd have given me to follow through.

If that sounds too much to begin with you might warm-up with asking some hotties what time it is.
I did that at first.

When it comes to what kind of girls I approach I usually try to find stationary girls waiting for something.
Like a train/bus station, or some park with girls sitting on benches. After a while I tried walking girls.

I will soon try to up my game to two girls sitting together, but no promises I will take it at my own pace.

Hope that helps. Let me know how it goes!

My goal is to complete 7 days of 20 approaches. In other words 140. I have 80 down so only 60 to go.
Only life has gotten too busy this weekend.
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