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Today I dedicated the whole day to day game. Actually this whole week is daygame!

I went out with the intention of approaching 20 girls.

20 girls in one day?! Am I on drugs???
I usually only force myself to one or two a day max!

But here I was on the street with a goal and intent!
I had my mp3player in my pocket for inspiration when times get though.

And a pretty good gameplan.


I went out around 11 am and didn't come home before 7 pm...
Did I mention the word exhausted?

I walked those streets up and down, up and down and UP AND DOWN...
Still getting the courage to approach every 24 minutes on average isn't that bad
when my usual average is once or twice a day!

The reality was, when the clock was 6 pm I was like FUCK THIS!!! Where are some hotties to approach I WANT TO GO HOME NOW!!!

And BAM, BAM, BAM 5 sets in a row!

Went home and collapsed in my bed...
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Well Yes if by success you mean that this thing called approach anxiety has shrunk quite a bit.

But this is just the beginning! I've so far singled out girls by themself.
I think I'll consider upgrading to two sets once I've finished with this weeks objective.

One step at a time I will make this work! It's all about moving your comfortzone inch by inch.

Like on thuesday I was spoting this minipark that I usually go around. The layouts
of the paths make you feel weird since you feel that all the people sitting there are watching and
judging your every move. When you go to approach.
So I just walked trough it not to approach, but to make it more familliar.

And today I managed to approach in it since I felt more familiar and therefore could focus
less on the weird layout and more on the girl sitting there.

Eat the elephant one bite at a time!
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