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So I have gotten myself out for the third day on a row.

After the initial inertia subsided, I have noticed that I'm more brave and more efficient than
I remember being before.
That is great, since that means that my comfort zone has grown.

Anyway today I was waiting for the subway to carry me downtown to do my thing,
I was mulling over my excuses to myself to not go.
Like I have to much Math to do, I don't have time.

And it hit me that if I felt I had no time I should be more efficient so I didn't waste as much time
on this.

So instead of taking the subway downtown I just stayed right there around the subway station
and approached commuter girls.

In no time I was done and saved traveltime and being less hesitant, hesitation time.
I'm now an hour ahead of schedule.

What schedule?
My new schedule inspired by Tylers latest video.
I now have planned out every hour of the day on a weekly basis.
I need to go out and do my approaches 5 times a week.
Every day except wednesday and friday.
So the more efficiet I am the more time I have for other stuff.

I have decided that I only get to update this thing every monday, so I don't sit
too much in front of this computer.
Cause at this point I don't need more theory, only more practice.
Lots and lots of practice.

See you next week!
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