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I've been experiencing this thing called the dark side by some.
Or uncouncious or whatever.

Me or others acting in negative self/other sabotaging behavior.

So from my perspecive I have two issues to deal with.

How to deal with myself when I'm self sabotaging
how to deal with others that want to sabotage me in open or hidden ways.

The most important is my self sabotage.
Cause who needs others to get in your way when you yourself is doing a damn good job.

I need a purpose, a plan, and a way to keep me on the path.

Yesterday I told two of my buddys that they shouldn't let me of the hook.
(They have girlfriends and think seeing me hitting on girls is a funny thing)
Yeah right... They completely forgot... So that is a unreliable method.

So I'm left to my own devices to get to my goals.

So what are my goals?
To consistently approach the ones that are my type.
Petite brunettes in other words.

So my plan for now is. Go out on my own.
And make sure that there are no other alternatives open.
I should approach even when I'm feeling lazy or whatever.

I shall experiment with it until I get it right.
I will give myself a reward for each hot girl approached this way.
Cause just okay doesn't cut it.

And then I can transition into number or extraction witch of course is goal number two.

It sounds so damn simple writing it down,
but somehow it gets so muddy in my head when I'm out.
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I am sick now, after going out a little bit too much… and I have a bootcamp with Alex in five days :/

Look —

I have friends who never go out to pick up girls — it's not their thing. Usually I will not go out with them.

I know some dudes who go out to hit on girls but are lame / creepy. It can be fun sometimes. Even if I prefer to go out solo rather than hang out with them, at least they are not an obstacle — they just follow you anywhere you go and can help with logistics.

I know some dudes who are okay because they are in the community but they do not have enough will power to push their comfort zone and to actually approach girls. The only thing they do is talking about pick up and it is boring as hell — they should be detoxified from it first.

Now I know some cool dudes who like to go out and have fun with girls, and they are not necessarily from the “pick up community”, and it's always a pleasure to hang out with them.

If I can not go out with those cool dudes, it's always better to go out on my own. It's not easy at first, you have to push yourself, you may feel lame being on your own but I think it is a great learning experience — you are under your own influence and responsible for your state.

So yes and yes — go out alone, it will only make you stronger :D
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Good to know that I'm on the right path.

I've never really tought much about the effects of going out
with different people, I will keep it in mind when planning further nights out.

You are not going to regret taking a bootcamp with Alex.
He is smart, sharp and just a cool guy with alot to offer.
I was amazed of the little I saw him in action.
I got a whole new paradigm to living by that bootcamp.
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I think you're definitely on the right path man, I live in a really small town in Florida and my choices of wingmen are jokes to say the least.

What Alex said is really true, going out on your own is the best idea. All it can do is make you a stronger artist because you won't have anyone holding you back from being yourself.

good post and good luck haha
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