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Everything is conflict!
Everyone is out to use me if I let them.
Humor is just a way to convey negative attitudes in a wrapped up package
so we can laugh about our conflicts and fears.

I'm in a cynical mood since I am colliding with people around me
and are getting alot of negative feedback.

And I feel like I should back down like I always do
but I instead stand my ground saying stuff like.

"I see that you are upset about this."

Saying what I feel and mean and taking a lot of shit from people used to
me backing down.

The world feels so empthy. Like nothing matters anymore.
Only me and all the competing people trying to get on top of me.
Dragging me down in the filth since they feel that if they are in the filth
I should keep them company.

I need new and positive friends. And I need to get my act together on alot of areas.

I'm considering joining toastmasters so I can get some constructive criticism on a regular basis
on the way I act.
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