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I finished my exam in organization theory today!!!
And I felt it went well!

This is so good news, because now I will have more spare time.
I can focus more on this stuff not having that burdening me.

After the exam I sat down on a bench in the harbour.
I had my water bottle just sitting enjoying the sun that have finally arrived in full.

Then I noticed that alot of the girls walking around had decided to take alot of their
clothes of. Good times indeed!

Anyway then I noticed something happening to me (No not down there you perv).
When I saw a girl noticing me looking her up, I would look away.

I was wtf!! This is me being socially conditioned to not give myself permission to
look at girls when they know im watching.

And yes that was a mind trip for me.

So I decided that for the next 15 minuttes I would not be allowed to look at anything else than
the closest most attractive girls most attractive features nomatter what they did short of attacking me. (Witch when I think about it wouldn't be all that bad)

And that taught me alot. Most girls would notice me looking at them and give me a pretend
meet my stare to see if I would look away. When I didn't alot of them would start ajusting their clothes, lift their hair and alot of things that I belive are classified as IOIs.

No girls got mad. Alot of them looked very intigued by the fact that I kept looking.
One girl with a boyfriend kept looking over her shoulder to verify that I was still looking and looking very proud everytime she found out that I still did.
And one other dragged her hapless chode dude past me 3 times to get looked at.

Man the world never ceases to amaze me.
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Hahhahahha i have decided i am trying to read every blog you put up man!

Looking good, and i see that you will be the most pimp i ever will see.

Btw are u coming to Las Vegas Summit?

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No Las Vegas is too soon, too far and too expencive for me right now.
I'm still dealing with the hole in my bankaccount from bootcamp. cry
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