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I have just been through a catharsis experience.
I vented every frustration I have in a massive post
on some internet forum dedicated to personal growth.

It was good and I feel like I can start moving forward in a new direction from here.
Everything isn't perfect, but I will probably start improving
this area of my life more rapidly now.

Tylers post was great and it was good to be reminded of that zen story.

What really bugs me is that girls get emotionally attached to me.
And trying to deal with ones own emotional responses to another
individual is hard when the other part also is emotionally insecure.

That is probably my main issue, I don't like all the emotional
implications entailed in having sex and beeing intimate with someone.

And as I have learned for studying Jungian theory, having an overactive
intuition I tend to reach conclutions fairly quickly.
I see a girl and immediately see how a relationship with her could end badly.
So it is kinda a focus on the negative, but not in an appoach anxiety kind of way
but rather a why bother it will end in tears anyway kind of attitude that hold me back.

I really need to work on that attitude. New goal!
Start imagining how if I talk to hot women my life will be better for it.
Lets put that "mastermind" of mine to some constructive work!
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