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So I broke up with my girlfriend.
She got too demanding in some areas and I basically told her that I couldn't give her what she wanted.

So now I''m single again, but without the idea that I can't get a girlfriend.
Now I know how that part works.
Lots of girls want me real bad since I've continued to work on myself in the relationship.

I figured that if I become a greater guy she won't leave or cheat on me
and if it ends I will be better off than before the relationship ended.

Right now I have one girl that have been displaying interest in me so I will check that stuff out first.

A big bonus with endig the relaionship was that when my dad enquired why I said that it was none of his buisness.
He is so damn nosy and thinking he can tell me how to treat women.
That will teach him a lesson in respecting my private boundaries.
You would think he was having the relationship.

I've learned a lot from this relationship and consider myself a much better guy from having been in it.
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 Awesome man. It's something a lot of guys can't do. I did the same about 6 weeks ago. Getting back into RSD and approaching the last 6 weeks has been the most fulfilling time of my life. Use this as an opportunity to take your life to the next level.

Even if you think you're completely over her, you'll have moments of feeling scarcity and missing her intimacy and touch. I have a great tip to help you move on completely.

Download a bunch of new music and only listen to the new music for a couple months. When you listen to music, in the future you'll hear it and it will remind you of a certain time period. It's like writing a new chapter in your memory. Don't know if this makes complete sense but it totally works.
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