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I have gotten to a point where I manage to express disaproval of others action towards me
without becoming what would be labeled as angry.

It is still not easy, but I've successfully pulled it of a couple of times now.
Cause being too much angry is not good for my stomach at all.
I can now be assertive to a certain degree.

I'm still no superhero at this, but my results are encouraging.
Being assertive has so many advantages.

Of course a lot of people around me doesn't like when their maipulative, controlling behaviour fails.
No one likes to be in a situation where the "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG" becomes all too obvious.

I don't care all that much anymore.
And the odd thing was that I cared before.
I felt that not going along with manipulative behavior was my bad somehow.
That I was creating the situation by not bowing down to the bullshit.

I still feel that way...
But not as strongly, and I will make it my new project to stop doing that!!!
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