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This day has been UNREAL!!!

Yesterday I was out and it was great as far as I managed to take my interactions with women
to a new level.

However after a while I decided to go home cause I was tired and stuff.
I lock the door (thank god) and go to bed.
I wake up by the fact that my drunk flatmate is banging on my door DEMANDING
that I get up and play poker with him and my third flatmate. I ignore him since
I want to sleep, but NOOO he starts to try to force the door open by trying to pick the lock.
That is a futile project and he soon gives up the attempt, but he isn't finished by far.
He goes over to the room next to mine and starts to try to get at me throgh the fucking window.

At this point I'm on my feet and mad as hell!!!
I tell him to go fuck off, and guess what??? Now HE'S offended!
Like yeah he is totally the victim here.

After a long argument where I was very assertive (proud of that) I told him that
not only is he intruding on my privacy, I do not intend to join their poker game since
I have SLEEPING to do and that I don't really trust him anymore since he tried to break into my room!!!

The next day (today) they didn't say much, my third flatmate tried to initiate "negotiations",
but I was still offended and in no mood to forgive or discuss last night.

So I went out. Walked down the stairs.
Saw a neighbour drive his fourwheeler onto a kind of ramp.
The ramp tips over, the fourwheeler shoots into the air and land on the roof of the car and hurling our
poor neighbour into a fence.

I call 113 (norways 911) and we get an ambulance and rush him to the hospital.

Im like WTF just happened???

I walk in the direction of my original intention to visit a friend.
I get on the bus, he lives an half an hours drive away roughly.

I tell him that I'm on my way and he tells me that he is going to pick me up at the bus station.
I say great.

I arrive, but he isn't there yet.
So I wait, it's cold out, it takes a while, I send an sms what is going on?
No answer, still no friend, I'm cold now!


Then I see him. He is parked a distance away. He is just sitting there watching me and I get the impression that he has done so for some time. WTF??? I've been standing here A LONG TIME now and he has just parked almost out of sight and is just watcing me and not responding to phone.

So I walk over. I'm cold inside. I ask him if he is trying to be rude. All he says is did you wait long?
I tell him we are no longer friends turn my back on him walk back to the bus station and take the first bus home.

I feel empty, I feel cold, dark, lonely and evil right now.
Everything seems to be fucked up from where I stand.

Is this all there is? A bunch of fucked up people fucking with eachother?
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