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So here I am.
11 in the morning monday after bootcamp.

I'm looking over in the mirror and there is a dude with no hair looking back at me...
It hasn't been 24 hours since we where standing outside the hotel in Karl Johan
taking pictures and saying goodbye to our instructurs.

I'm back in my own life again now...
And have things changed?


Last night I had a talk with one of my roommates and got an understanding
on a longstanding conflict. Just like that!

Today I was on the phone with my job telling them that if they expect me to
do jobs that isn't included in my contract I want the contract rewritten and get
more paid. Just like that!

And when it comes to girls?
I approached and had good interactions with more girls this weekend than
all my years of going out combined in my life. And probably more than I would ever approach
if I hadn't done this bootcamp.

So what happened on the bootcamp?

After we met in the lobby and had payment sorted out Alex wasted no time, but quickly found out what we expected out of this and told us some initial pointers. We then hit the street and went to Uncle Donalds. Unfortunatly we were unable to get one of the participants in since the doorman felt he was too young. Stupid 25 year old limit, but after a bit of looking we found a GREAT club what would let him in. However it was a 18-20 guestlist party. The doorman balcked about some of us beeing to old, not being on the guestlist, but somehow magicaly he just let us in.

We hadn't been there for 5 minutes and Alex was approached by a hot 18 year old brunette.
Like out of nowhere. I was thinking...He hasn't done anything yeat and already they are approching him. I watched the interaction for a couple of minutes, but then Alex told our his Norwegian helper to start me of into sets.
(I don't know if they would appreciate if I name them so I'll just call them helpers for now if you want to know who their names ask Alex)

He told me to approch a couple of sets witch i did. They didn't open at all.
After a bit of instuctions on what I could improve, Alex came along and told me to enter a
threeset with the line "I got a big degree". They all stopped and looked up at me. I added "of confidence" and I was in. It was amazing.

Alex fixed my appearance drastically. He even told me to put beer in my
hair to be able to comb it back.

It was a fantastic night by my standards. Next day we got ALOT of teachings, infield videoes and
pointers. My head was spinning when we where finished.

When it was time to hit the club, Alex made sure that the guy who was rejected the first night
got in before they started checking ID's. It all went smooth and we found ourself in one of the coolest clubs in Oslo Onkel Donald. The girls here were older than the club from friday and had much more shittests to offer. However being inspired by Alex I started to stand my ground more. When they got in my face and told me to leave I pointed to my feet and asked if it was theirs.

Alot of sets later Alex swedish helper pushed me into a set, and demanded that I stay there.
The set went pretty well and my target liked me. My biggest sticking point was my fear of success and everytime I made an attempt to leave he told me to go back, making it appear that I just left for something to drink. That table was filled with half full glasses by the time we where trough.

We took our girls outside, but since screening questions had been the last thing on my mind
they were in no mood to go grab a bite to eat. Beside the swedish helpers best effort. They had something important to do the next day...

We were denied access to the club again because it was closing. And after a couple of minutes Alex came out and said. "THIS IS NOT OVER" because we were not trying to approach anyone outside the club. The swedish helper opened a set and I tagged along. They were going to a kebabshop. But becuse I was cold and miserable partly due to my new bald hairstyle, but also because I have so many memories failing on the streets of Oslo I acted like a chode. And chodes get rejected brutaly.

So we went back to the hotel and found the other guys on a Deli shop busy having fun with the security guards and the gypsy beggars outside. Cause the rule apparantly was that you wheren't allowed to eat your food inside the shop. And when the beggars came and asked for money Alex held out his hand like the beggar did and the beggar gave him his money...

The next day where daygame. We went to the trainstation after a brief debriefing and instructions on how to do it. That was in many ways the most interresting day since I myself often pass through the trainstation.

I was left on my own and I managed to open and change topic with a girl. Then Alex showed up and told me to go for the number. So I opend to girls, changed topic and immediatly asked for the number. They mumbled that their train was leaving and got up and ran. It was hillarious. My sets improved and at the end I was able to have a 5 minute conversation with a girl that acctually had to catch her train because it was leaving.

We then got somthing to eat got debriefed and told what we needed to work on in our lives
to get the best results. We took some pictures outside the hotel said our goodbyes and
then the bootcamp was over.

Thanks Alex for a earthshattering bootcamp!!!
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Chaq Groove®

Chaq Groove®


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 Hehe, epic! I am the one that meet you in the Best Western hotel at Karl Johan, all I got to say is "Do your homework", continue the momentum from the BC and indulge in the worldthumbs up
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Hehe cool! I was thinking "Is this for real?" when you stopped to say hi to Alex.
Thanks for the encoragement man I really appreciate it!
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