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I'm in a psychology discussion on another site that I started to handle the state of mind
I always find myself in when my state craches.
It touched on something intersesting that matches what we are told here.
The conclutio of several of the psychology participants was that I was
getting into cognitive loops and the reason was partly that I didn't have
enough contact with my senses.
Mostly relying on Intuition, thoughts or feelings to decide what to do, not what is happening
right before my very eyes.

So I will have to look up on what has been written/said here about getting out of your head.
This is a major milestone for me being able to blend the lessons of Jungian psychology
directly into my struggles in this area.

I probably have long ways to go, but I need to start somewhere and this makes some sense.

I've also spelled out some of my longterm goals to keep me on track for the long haul.

In a nutshell they are
Get my own place to live. (privacy)
Become a man that naturally gets what he wants in terms of women.
Getting a drivers licence.
Passing my exams.
Taking care of my company that have been floundering a bit.

Nothing real dramatic, however the women part goal I have made real detailed and will
probably work on some more to get a real good direction to wallk in.

Anyways I think that I have a good thing going here.
The girl I was hoping to meet hasn't panned out the way I hoped, but I learned so many good
lessons from it so it was totally worth it, even if it doesn't materialice.

Now I've heading out to do some street work! :-)
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Hello mate,

"Get my own place to live" - does it mean that you still live in your parents' home?

Do you have a company? I also have one but I'm mainly working as a freelancer. And what about you?

Also, do you have a diary?

It doesn't make much sense when you start it, but years later it becomes a treasure!

I think that in order to make progress in anything we should be more aware of our past, of our current situation, and of our planned future.

Otherwise we are not even aware of whether or no we are making progress in our lives.

For instance I have a diary. My diary is not consistent at all (there were days when I wrote almost every day and there were days when I din't write anything for several months), but now I can see what I was doing and thinking two years ago. It is sad to notice that even if I'm less naive, I still basically have the same problems and the same goals.

It means that I am currently very bad at achieving them and absolutely need to do something about it. Seeing that I moved in the wrong direction will hopefully help me to get back on the right track.

I will probably start writing a diary every morning from now with the following structure:

- what did I succeded to do yesterday, what I failed, why (acknowledge success, learn lessons from failures)
- what are my goals (remind myself of what do I want in life, ask myself if I really do want it and change it if I actually want to move in a slightly different direction)
- what should I do today to make progress (what actions can I take in order to make progress in my life)

Do you already do something like this? Would you like to start doing?
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hehe no it means that I don't own the place i live in but rent a room and share the appartment.
I would like to own an appartment of my own some day for more privacy etc.

Having a diary seems ludacris to me as I have a type of photografic memory.
It seems to be common among INTJs.
I had a journal once, but it was mosly a reflection on how I felt things went rather than a
summary of what happened.
I think that this and other sites provides me with all the writing needs that I want.

I think that your need for a diary stems from your tertriary Si function.
A function that focuses on the past.
To work on your tertriary function can open up untold growth on your part so go for it.
David an INTP also recommended a journal for personal growth and guess what...
he also has tertriary Si. (Si = Introverted sensing)
Si is a bit of a melancolic function.
To break it you need to ask how questions not why questions.

I mangage my memory trough Ni (Introverted intuisjon).
Jumping all over the place inside my head.
If I want to know what happended last time I go to that place in time and watch it like a movie.

I appreciate the idea, but a diary isn't for me.
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