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So I have these two hot girls as flatmates, they moved in this summer.

(For those that wonder I have decided to not shit where I eat, since I'm not that skilled at social manouvering)


After a couple of weeks they started making demands and stuff in regards to my behaviour in the common areas.
Before the demands where launched they acted pretty weird with a lot of door slammering
and avoidant passiv agressive behaviour.

I didn't really care as i figured if they had something they wanted to communicate they would have to do
it outside of the realm of telepathy.

So when the demands where forthcomming they where on some pretty common decency issues.
And in the form of a written note on my door.

So I was like Hmmm... now what...
I figured that the best thing I could do was agree to the demands with some conditions on my own.
So I told them that sure I could do that... provided the the weird mood in the appartment stopped
and if we had an issue communicated it clearly right away as I didn't have time for playing tags.
I told them that the main reason I would comply was as a gesture to them as neighbours.
(In other words not because they where demanding bitches.)

So it was quiet for a couple of weeks.

But then suddenly one of them came and wondered if she could run the cloathwasher over night
since she REALLY needed something cleaned to the next day.

I told her ok as long as she didn't make a habit of it.

And the next day(today) I reiterated it saying that it would have to be a ONE TIME THING
as it was way to inconvenient for me having it rumbling at night.
(She didn't like that very much I could tell)
It was like the wheels in her head was turning asking something like.
"He is attracted to me. Why does my "magic" smile not work for more than a one time thing!?!"

I wonder if I could make an exception saying that a nightwash cost one BJ! XD
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