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So lately a lot of barriers between me and succes has fallen.
Both mentally and in the real world.

It is weird that all I needed was an attitude shift, and that most of my problems was in my head.
Now that I'm on the other side i can see how totally stuck in a hole I was.
I have many holes to climb out of still, but as long as I head upward I should be okay!

What I have noticed is that stuff that Tyler, Alex etc talk about starts manifesting in my life.

Like the warm end of the pool idea.
If I sit down at a table, I can now make that table cool as long as I'm centered and happy.
It is weird how people flock to be part of your happy table when in fact it wasn't anything in
particular before you sat down.

Self-amusement generates state. I do what I want, when I want.
After I got my smart phone I can sit down and read anywhere, watch movies, listen to music.
I like stuff like that, and it gives me a happy calm state.
And nobody is any wiser what I do on my phone anyway.
I can even load the RSD crew up onto the phone and watch them over and over anywhere if I
so wishes.

My biggest barrier to success right now is focusing too much on one girl.
Just because she is the one that is most interested in me right now doesn't mean that I
can't get to know other ladies.
I've talked to her flirted and stuff and she has responded, she likes me, I like her.

Thing is, to me that is very new to have some girl dig me og that level.
Suggesting we do stuff, cause she wants to see me again.
It is also the first time I keep my cool over the fact that some girl likes me.
Usually I crack and go Mikey from Swingers on them.

But now I have this way cool NLP trick to balance my mind and obliterate any state that doesn't serve me.
Looking back I realize now that my hole was so deep that without that technique I would probably never
have managed to climb out of it.

Weird to think I could have stayed in this state of general discontent despite all my valiant efforts to change.

However I'm well aware of that with only the NLP technique I would just have been an overly happy
chode who still would have had no clue how to get women.
The reason chicks are noticing me now is because my overly negative state don't lie as a shadow over the
RSD teachings. Before the stuff still worked, but I would then go on some self sabotage spree to rid myself
of my latest successes. All I'm doing now is in essence, not screwing up what I got in the first place.

That is a subtle difference, but it makes for a world of change in my life.

The moral of this story is...
Get your act together, then do all the cool RSD stuff.
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