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So I have swung the pendulum back into calm old me.

After having done alot of shit and bumped heads with alot of people around me
it was time to clean up the mess and move on.

I feel that I have gotten further on several key issues.

I have gotten over lots of anger.

I have discovered that I had big trust issues.

I have gotten closer to some key people in my life.
(plus made bigger waves than usual in my relationships)

I have found out that I expect things to not work out.
(I need to start expecting things to work out.)

If I don't feel like going out I should still do it.
If only to try something new that I would never have done in a normal state of mind.
And thereby get some new distinctions.

I found that being assertive gets immediate respect.

Things are lining up for a better future, I only need to keep going in the right direction.
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