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So I have done some throwing away and today was some shopping.

I knew what I wanted and sought it out.

Tried to use stronger voice than I usually use to all the store people.
And let me tell you they respected me. I could feel it.
Some where even intimidated!!!

One girl where like standing there trying to persuade me, and nervously freaking a bit out with her arms.
I was not nice, but not an ass eighter. I was just assertively telling them what I wanted.
Rejecting everything that wasn't too my interest.
Telling them what was not okay.

It was good practice and I felt that I understood the difference.
In some situation it was hard to use that tone and I had to concentrate.

I think my voice is one of the weakest aspects right now so I should really focus on it a lot.
I feel a bit bad when I use stronger voice like I'm stepping out of bounds.
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