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I've decided to get back on track since I've seem to have gotten a handle on the emotional issues
that threw me for a loop time and time again.

Thanks Jung and Freud! :-)

Now where I was basically halted in my progress was in approaching several chicks in public
to work on approach anxiety.
It worked wonders on that btw.

I was experimenting with alternative openers when someone on this forum introduced me to another forum.
A bad place that threw me for a big time loop.
The negativity was incredible.
All in the name of burning the ego to a crisp.
For some higher cause of enlightenment or whatever.

Anyway I had a good system up and I was really making progress when that shit came along.
In hindsight it probably helped me getting that kind of bullshit thrown in my face.
However it was no fun, since the process I went trough was a bit maddening afterwards.

I will promptly get back on track using my very effective carrot approach that made me
approach over 100 girls in a very short time period.

Printing out stored schematics....

Where did I put it?...

Man I can't find it!...

Ah there!


I think what David D said in one of his videoes is very true.
When you find something that works it is very easy to NEVER do that agian. XD
Oh well here I am ready to do it again anyway!
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