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Okay just came in from doing Tai-Chi for clearing my mind in the front yard.

I've been starting to fall into the trap of falling for someone I've flirted with once.
She's pretty, likes me back and stuff, but comeon!

It started with me sitting at my computer listening to some RSD materials.
I surfed the net while I was doing that.
And I went on facebook...
Sent some messages to a couple of friends, posted a video
I thought fitting on my wall. And I glanced over at the friends section on
one of my friends and there she was as friends in common...

So I clicked that link. Browsed through her photos, then through some of her
closest friends photos to see photos they had taken of her...

Soon I started to drift into this fantasy world of thinking about
me maybe hooking up with her and bla bla bla...

Luckily Jeffys voice snapped me out of it before I started to declare my love on her wall
or something equally ridiculous.

And belive me my uncouncious is trying to dream up ways to communicate with this chick.
Now there is nothing wrong  with communicating with her. As long as I play it cool.
And right now I belive that I need to watch closely all communication for recuring patterns
of chodely behavior.

And I know even still that the proper response to this shit is.
Go meet other women...
And although I know this, at this time I don't feel it.
And I definitly didn't know it before I took my fresh air break.

I will take a walk and hopefully meet some other chicks to take my mind of this one.
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Seriously I have exactly the same problem, it's like the chode is allways trying to come true..
I used to give girls a great first impression, and then I would chode out, by not pushing the interaction forward..

It seems like you got it together:) And the next time you talk to her, ask her out, or at least plan something..
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The more personal the problem the more universal. Hehe.

Yeah I want to ask her out. (Not declare my undying love) heart
I already tried asking her out on sunday, but she had to work.
And that's when I started to obsess about the next step.
Fortunately I didn't act and communicate anything lame.

I've had a good nights sleep and now I'm firmly back in my center.
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Hehe, sure thing...
Good luck with that girl, and if it doesn't work out good luck with the next onetounge
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