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I've been thinking a lot about assertion, I will keep posting on my learnings in this area for a while.

It is all about me being the ultimate judge of myself and only what I think matters

I have gotten into a couple of situations that often had me troubled and scrambling to get my way.
These went much better now.

One was an offer of splitting the bill with a friend where he wanted me to do it in a weird way for me.
I declined and told him I wanted to do it 50-50 fair and square without fuzz or feeling bad about
rejecting his idea.

Today I was asked for the XXX time why I don't have a drivers licence.
I usually throw out reasons and justifications all over the place in a scramble to make right me not having it.

Here is how it kinda went:
Person: Why you don't have a drivers licence?
Me: It hasn't been right for me to get it.
Person: But why?
Me: No reason it just doesn't suit me.
Person: But why doesn't it suit you?
Me: I don't know, no particular reason.
Person: (Gives up and changes topic.)

I have always hated convos like that.
It is like I'm left empty and powerless afterwards.
But not anymore!
Now I felt so much more in control.
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 cool :)
So why don't you have your license? 
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I don't know and I don't really care why... =p
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