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I just realized that approval seeking starts,
as me imagining someone else disapproving of my actions.
In other words I project disapproval onto the ones around me
and then act in an approval seeking way.
This makes it more of an internal issue of my thought world
than an external issue of what others actually think of me.
As opposed to someone actively voicing disapproval.
There are two levels of approval seeking.
To imagined disapproval and to actual disapproval.

The projecting project is showing unexpected rewards! :-)
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Solid. What's the projecting project? Sounds interesting. I've been following you're posts and you're like 12 steps ahead of me. Do you do anything to psyche yourself up before you go out, or just do lots of warmup sets?
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The projection project is what I'm going through when I'm actively modifying
my negative projections on the world into positive projections instead.

The last part in this project was
Positive projection part11.
I'm wrapping it up later this week to see,
if I need to continue down the same path,
or if I can safely let it go, as things look now
I belive that there is a lot of work to be done,
before this is handled.

When I go out, I just go out.
I have no use for anything other than the will to show up.
If somthing happens I just have to deal with it.
The only preparing I'm doing is changing my habitual thoughts and actions.
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