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I see that I got some comments on my happiness being dependent upon my girlfriend as I posted a while ago.

I wouldn't say that is totally true.
It is like I was this guy that couldn't get a girlfriend.
I couldn't get anyone to be with me for me.
Everyone looked down on me for this fact, even myself.

When I got my girlfriend it was as this cure lifted and I didn't have to deal with that feeling ever again.
It is kinda like this guy who goes too long as a virgin.
The fact that he has never fucked is something he can't easily forget and be happy about,
cause no matter what, the facts stays the same.
Only sex can cure him.

In the same way not having been in a relationship tore at me.
Now that it isn't the case anymore it doesn't matter if I "have" the girl or not.
Cause no matter my state, the fact is still the same, I've had a girlfriend.
Sure I liked the relationship, up to the point when I felt it was too big a burden.
Now I'm in no hurry to get a relationship again, I will just cruise around and enjoy my life.

I dunno why that was such a big thing for me, maybe some childhood issues or something.
Anyway now that it is fixed I don't need to look back.
I still have sticking points, everyone does, but the splinter in my mind has gone.
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